What We Do

Get yourself back on track

Clear Perceptions is a corporate psychology practice with a unique service delivery that produces accelerated sustainable results in business.

Clear Perceptions works with businesses to create a vision that reflects the deep values and ambitions of its leaders, a vision that unifies the entire organisation and that each member of the organisation stands behind.

Clear Perceptions works with businesses to create a culture that embodies that vision and a set of business processes that enable the realisation of that vision.

Clear Perceptions works with businesses to communicate that vision to their customers and to the world.

The ideal clients for Clear Perceptions are businesses leaders, executives and professionals who have some awareness that their performance is blocked. As a potential leader, you are interested in developing a clear purpose and improving the performance of your business and your people. You are interested in developing a healthy business and keeping healthy people healthy.



The Clear Perceptions Executive Leadership Development program is a challenging program where you learn about yourself. This process gets to the heart of where you are blocked in every part of your life. A deep healing process for an individual leader, partnership or Board of Directors transforms the culture.


Healing at depth involves discovering your life purpose. Finding your purpose from within is highly motivating. Internally motivated leaders have a spring in their step again, they have more energy, they are highly productive and bring out the best in their people. The direction is clear.


With clear strategic direction, Clear Perceptions partners the leaders to implement the strategy which touches every part of the business. From a systems perspective, Organisational Development involves financial analysis; benchmarking; restructuring various parts of the business; consolidating suppliers; understanding the value chain; designing or redesigning positions at every level of the organisation; conflict resolution; writing position descriptions; work flow engineering, improving efficiencies; ensuring person job fit and specific training.


Psychologists at Clear Perceptions take a systemic perspective of the person and operate from a responsibility based philosophy. Clear Perceptions psychologists are trauma specialists who achieve outstanding results for people who are experiencing past or present trauma or who would like to get to the source of unconscious assumptions driving unwanted behaviours.


"Awareness is the first step"