I’m Sharon Faye

The founder of Clear Perceptions

Sharon is the founder and Managing Director of Clear Perceptions. Clear Perceptions was conceived from Sharon’s vision of developing healthy workplaces.

For Sharon a healthy workplace begins with the leaders. Sharon believes that whatever the leaders are experiencing in their business is a direct reflection of their internal world. The first step to developing healthy workplaces is for executives to become aware of their internal world and the unconscious drivers that influence their decision-making, their communication and their workplace performance.

Sharon specialises in working with executives who are interested in enhancing their own performance, which results in improved performance of their teams and as a result improved performance of the whole business. Sharon works at depth, going directly to the source of the blocks, and her clients are amazed at how fast people notice the change. Leaders emerge from this process.

As an Organisational Psychologist, Sharon is a registered psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia; holds a BA (Psych); BPsych; MPsych (Org); Dip Clin Hyp; EMBA; MFRT; Clinicial Neuropsychotherapist MIACN. Sharon is a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS); College of Organisational Psychology (COP); Australian Society of Hypnosis (ASH); The Australian Association for Psychological Type; Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD); International Association of Clinical Neuropsychotherapy (IACN).

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"Healthy Workplaces begin with healthy leaders"

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