Executive Leadership Development

Building Emotional Strength

Developing healthy workplaces begins with developing healthy leaders. Leaders are not necessarily the people at the top of the organisational chart, they may hold the position of executive and receive high remuneration packages, but that does not make a leader.

Healthy leaders have emotional strength. They consistently respond in an open and productive way in the face of intense emotional experience. They are willing to extend themselves beyond what they know. They are committed to developing themselves and being a contribution to the development of others. They are engaging and can develop engaging people around them. Leaders are able to think strategically and are committed to developing their business. This type of leader is a high performer and achieves strong results. This person understands the process of developing people, how to get the best out of people to achieve outstanding results.

A leader is attuned to customer service. They are client centric and understand the importance of brand. They can view their business from the big picture and they can drill down to the detail and contribute to staff at all levels. They know themselves and their business. Leaders don’t sweat the small stuff they understand what is important. Healthy leaders understand the financials of the company and deliver. There is less talk and more productive action. Healthy leaders are available, they don’t hide behind being too busy. They are present each moment. They are not hiding behind the veil of electronics.

The Executive Leadership Development program at Clear Perceptions is not for the faint hearted. It is a tough program designed for potential leaders who are serious about becoming healthy in all areas of their life and making a difference in the world.


"Moving towards the pain"