Strategic Services


During the Executive Leadership Development program, a clear sense of purpose and direction emerges and permeates through the business.

Developing leaders challenge their underlying assumptions about themselves and the world. They develop the knowledge, skills and emotional strength to engage the whole business in a clear strategy. It seems that all of a sudden, people in the business are jumping out of bed in the morning. They have their mojo back. They have a spring in their step again. Their families notice the difference and they dare to dream again.

The leaders understand resistance to change and work with their people to help them transition or to move on. They are teaching their people about toxic workplace cultures where poor communication runs rife with gossip, sarcasm, ‘taking the piss’, ‘only joking’, heresy and innuendo. The leader role models healthy communication and works with the people to break bad habits and develop a healthy communication style that is empowering and enabling. Over time the people are all on the same page, have a common goal and understand their role in achieving strategic outcomes.


"Healthy Business - Healthy World"