Clinical Services

Human Potential

Existing clients often refer people to Clear Perceptions for assistance. Upon referral, the principle psychologist meets with the referred parties to assess the presenting issues. People are referred for all kinds of reasons. Often the person has observed something different about their boss, colleague, friend or family member and comment on the difference they have observed and ask what they did to instigate such a change.

People are also referred to Clear Perceptions by other clinicians or professionals who assess that the presenting issues are of a psychological or emotional nature. Sometimes a person may be going through a traumatic experience and require a highly skilled psychologist or a trauma specialist. Often people find their way to Clear Perceptions because they have tried everything else and are desperate. Nothing else has worked.



"Shifting people’s relationship to pain so they can wake up and believe in self again. That will break the cycle of dysfunction and phase out self-destructive behaviour"