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The Foundation is an exciting new venture inspired by Sharon Faye’s life story.

Sharon’s unrelenting interest in humanity’s plight came from her own struggle to survive in an extremely harsh environment. Learning from a young age to survive the atrocities of childhood abuse of the most brutal kind, she became interested in her ability to survive. Once Sharon realised that she was successful at surviving, she became interested in what it would take to learn how to thrive. This seemed like an arduous task without the basic developmental resources that one would assume a human being needs to grow, develop and triumph from such adversity.

Sharon did survive and now she is a successful Corporate Strategist in a boutique professional services firm located in Subiaco Perth on the west coast of Australia. Sharon has devoted her life to healing others through the process of building Emotional Strength. Emotional Strength is the ability to respond in an open and vulnerable way in the face of intense emotional experience. More than two decades of practical application in various sectors has shown that building Emotional Strength is life changing in the areas of business, finance, health, education, and leadership development.

Emotional Strength also has healing properties that assist people to heal their past experiences and learn to lead successful and productive lives. Sharon has also had success in education when she demonstrated how failing high school and university students can achieve results beyond expectations.

Grateful for the difference that Sharon’s work has made in their business and their lives, a number of Sharon’s clients asked how they could help in getting more people exposed to her work. The Foundation was born from their contributions.

The next chapter of Sharon’s vision is through the Foundation. The Sharon Faye Foundation Board is committed to research in six areas of our community.

These systems provide the infrastructure of our community and are regarded by the Foundation as pivotal to the health and well-being of humanity.

The Foundation’s strategic intent is to:

Effective leaders in the 21st Century will have Emotional Strength.


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"Demonstrate how Emotional Strength is essential to improve the education of our children, the health of our people, the quality of our leaders, and the equality of our justice system and the value of our economy"