Organisational Development

Heal the World Business by Business

Simultaneously the business is developing. A succession plan is in place. The right people are in the right jobs with the right skill sets. The roles have been designed in alignment with the strategy rather than just a random bunch of tasks thrown together. The brand is clear and the revenue streams have been identified. The general ledger has been redesigned in alignment with revenue streams and all the financial data is clean. With clean financials the leader trusts the data and can conduct thorough analyses of the business.

The work systems have been mapped and reengineered. Teams are working together to innovate more productive systems that provide efficient solutions to intractable problems. Potential supervisors and team leaders have been identified and are in training to develop the skills to make their own contribution to the business. The organisation is on the way to developing a strong sustainable contribution to their people, their families, their communities, the industry, their state and their country. The ripple effect continues.



"The backbone of our economy"